West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health Care Partnership lead new anti-racism pledge

Root out Racism. Credit: Victor De Jesus

The movement has received over-whelming support from organisations across Leeds.

Wendy Tangen, the clinical services inclusion lead for Leeds and York Partnership spoke to Powell and Barns about the anti-racism movement.

Wendy shared what inspired West Yorkshire and Harrogate HCP (Health Care Partnership) to initiate this movement. She said: “In October 2020, the partnership commissioned a report about the impact of covid and looked at health social impact during that period”.

“We felt that in the report there were a number of inequalities that different areas experienced, and it was evident when we did the review that there were disparities for people to access health, especially for minorities and different ethnic groups”.

“We wanted to address that and we wanted to put our heads together to solve this by creating this movement”.

Leader of the Kirklees Council, Councillor Pandor, amongst others supporting the movement

The movement has received wide-spread support across Leeds from over 40 organisations. Wendy expressed her gratitude for the encouragement from others. She said: “It feels great to have colleagues across the region and different organisations of different representations that allow for this agenda to be tackled”.

Wendy followed on by saying that we must work together in order to provoke change:

“Tackling things individually wont get us far, so when we do things collectively and together, we get a better and sustainable change”. – Wendy Tangen

Wendy expressed that in order for this movement to sustain a long durability, it was apparent that this needed to be the main priority since day one. She said: “One of the things we decided early on when putting this proposal together, was that initially we referred to it as a campaign. But quickly realised that a campaign suggests it has a start and a finish”.

“So instead we decided it was a movement, as the word movement can create that momentum and will allow for it to evolve”.

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