Nottingham local charity donates Easter goodies to disadvantaged children

Photograph by Chris Shuter

For my first news day on campus, I was able to do a radio package for this story as well. Here is the package:

This Easter, deprived young people will not be missing out because of ‘Bags of Blessings’. Which is a local charity that is focused on helping out young people in Nottingham by donating boxes to local churches, schools, businesses and food banks.

Debbie Jackson, who is a team member at Bags of Blessings has helped create these different bags for those children to enjoy over the Easter holidays. The kits vary from gardening activities, arts and crafts kits and of course including Easter treats, such as Easter eggs. By the bags having different elements, it gives children and young people something to do.

Photo by Chris Shuter

Bags of Blessings have donated these Easter bags to different food banks, including one in Clifton which is ran by The Trussell Trust. This non-profit organisation provides food parcels to those around the UK.

Eileen Howard who works at the Clifton food bank, was able to give out these Easter themed bags to families and has said that “Just the little things like those unexpected little gifts like an Easter egg; the arts and crafts; the toys; the garden kits, were very well received.”

“My daughter loves the crafts you gave her too, it was great to see her smile.”

– Anonymous

A woman who wishes to stay anonymous received one of the Easter activity kits from the Clifton food bank, has said “I really don’t know what we would’ve done without your help. Thank you for not judging us, or making me feel bad. My daughter loves the crafts you gave her too, it was great to see her smile.”

By ‘Bags of Blessings’ donating these Easter bags to different food banks, it has allowed for these families to celebrate Easter properly and to not miss out on the festivities.

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